Nerd Style Nr 1 Back to school

Saturday, September 2, 2017

 Здраво драге моје девојке, и ево ме са једним кратким, али дивним постом и једном од мојих омиљених у коме сам одлучила да вам представим једну скроз "штреберску" комбинацију. Односно једну комбинацију која је сјајна за нове школске дане. Ја сам овде укомбиновала сјајну кратку топ мајичицу из Бершке као и шорцић из исте радње са качкетом и адидас патикицама. Наравно све то употпунила сам овом дивном карираном кошуљом која је иначе само додатак у целој овој комбинацији, али сјајно је послужила. За излазак до шопинг центра или одлазак у биоскоп са другарима ово је сјајна комбинација. Опуштена и веома удобна. Мени једна од омиљених. Надам се да ће се и вама свидети колико и мени. Kiss xoxo

Hi dear girls, and today for you one amazing but very nerdy combination. This is "back to school" inspired outfit with amazing short top from Bershka and amazing shorts also from Bershka. One of great things here are glasses.Nerdy glasses are making this outfit more nerdy. LOL. Really love this one. Going out for shopping or checking out new movie in cinema? This is perfect combo for you. Hope you will love this one. Kiss xoxo

Aisle Style Prom Dresses

Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Hi girls, How are you these days? I'm having so much work about my trip to Paris so I just wanted to "jump here" for a minute and show you these amazing beautiful prom dresses from Prom dresses 2017 are really beautiful! My favorites this year are short prom dresses. Show your beautiful legs to the world! But real champions this year are red prom dresses. They are so glamorous and elegant! I really love this passionate color of love. Love  someone and you will be loved too. Show this world that only love is what matters. And Aisle style prepared beautiful discounts this year so if you are trying to find beautiful but still affordable dress check out cheap prom dresses. I really like all of them but my favorite is the blue one below the text. They have great dresses, nice and kind stuff and cheap affordable products. Check out their wonderful website ! You wont regret it.

Cheap Prom Dresses by The Celebrity

Thursday, August 17, 2017


Hi girls, and again here I am with one of our main topic this summer. Cheap prom dresses. Do you want to look amazing on the dance floor? Be a star and take a red carpet walk just like J.Lo., Selena Gomez, Rihanna and beautiful Gigi Hadid. Look at their dresses. I want one just like that. And you can find one very affordable and cheap right HERE. Check out this amazing The Celebrity Dresses ( website. And find one just for you. They have magical dresses and the great thing is that you can look just like one of the superstars for less money. My favorite is the green one on the picture below. It's Paulina Vega evening gown Miss Universe 2015. I love the color and this satin material. Hurry up and check out their amazing website. I love it so much! Find something great for you! And tell me what you think about dresses. You will definitely love it. Also if you don't know which hairstyle matches with the dress you can find inspiration on They have great styles and so many dresses. You can also find some wedding dresses and dresses for some special occasions. Till next time. Love xoxo